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I'm Alex. I'm an iOS Developer, and currently a third year Computer Science student at the University of Lincoln. I've been doing iOS Developer for 2 Years, and worked on a varity of different applications over the time. You can find me on Twitter, look at my open source work over at GitHub, or just straight up email me here.



iOS Developer & Designer

ThumbsUpThumbsDown was an idea by me, whilst working on one of my uni project. We had to make a windows phone application which incorporated, social and entertainment themes, and thus ThumbsUpThumbsDown was born. After completing the project, I decided to remake the application with for the iPhone. It is currently available free in the app store.

App Store

Wacky Wierd Words WorkingTogehter

Wise Random Words

iOS Developer

"Wise Random Words is a text Haiku generator that may change the way you think about things."This was a small project I worked on with Mike Hince, who was the designer and man behind this idea. It is currently available for free on the app store.

App Store

Final Year Project

Final Year Project Name

iOS Developer & Designer

For my final year project at uni, I worked with micro-location technology, and more specifically with Estimotes iBeacons. The app was a travel app in which when the user got close to one of the beacons it'd alert them in many different manners. This was done to see if the use of micro-location improved the user experience of the application. Source code will be available once the project has been marked.

Source Code

Want to work together? Feel free to message me about any exciting project you have!

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